Discover the Secrets to Ditching Your Poverty Mentality and Reclaiming Your Rich Mindset"
(Ends Thursday at Midnight)

Well this is embarassing....

OK, I know this isn’t the most professional thing I have ever done, but the plain facts are this… because I have a huge roof repair bill that came as a big surprise - I need to bring in a bunch of cash fast.
I know there are a lot of people are still getting back on their feet financially – maybe you are one of them – who are going to eventually have more energy, time and MONEY .
I figure by putting our Rich Mindset Secrets Revealed program on sale, I might be able to help you succeed a lot quicker. That means I will make a lot less money… but I will get that money right now – and now is when I need it for my crazy roof repair bill.
So if you ACT NOW then you can SAVE BIG. In fact, this is the rock bottom lowest price that we have ever had for my Rich Mindset Secrets Revealed program.
And if you go for it now, then you can save almost 50%!
Look at the savings:
10 weeks/10 modules, normally $497, now just $250 (lowest price EVER!)
But to capture these savings, you have to act quickly. I am writing my check to the Roofer on May 5th and I figure there is no way they can cash it until at least the 18th , so…
This Rich Mindset Secrets Revealed sale is going to end on Thursday.
But you don’t want to wait that long… after all, the quicker you get Rich Mindset Secrets Revealed, the faster you get the benefits, like ,thought-provoking experiential exercises and our amazing support and Facebook community.

Besides These Incentives, What Other Benefits Come with the Course?

By the end of your 10 weeks…
  • You’ll know why you aren’t getting the kind of money you want and how to change your mindset so you get more money easily and frequently.
  • What money is and how you can attract more of it now.
  • The secret way for developing The Razor's Edge that will allow you to have more money.
  • You’ll have the Formula for Financial Freedom and know how to put it into action.
  • You’ll be using the "Vacuum Law of Prosperity" to get what you want.
  • And so much more (You’ll have a rich mindset!)
I have implemented what you have taught me and my income has gone from $34,000/year to $85,000/year.
                   - David Rose, Millwright
I found Dan to be very knowledgeable... I would recommend anyone to take this program weather for business or personal growth.                                                            
                    - John Wright, Mortgage Agent
Those are just a couple of the notes we have on file… there are many more.  Don’t you think it’s time you joined these Rich Mindset Secrets Revealed graduates?
And don’t forget – our course carries our Triple Guarantee. If you choose to stop the course for any reason, just let us know and we will cheerfully and promptly issue a refund and you get to keep the program...
So if you have EVER thought about upgrading your practices and reclaiming your rich mindset, then now is the time to do it – you can save big and take advantage of some of the best financial opportunities we have seen. But you have to ACT FAST. The saving ends on May 7th.
This Is For You If…
  • Your fears and frustrations are keeping you up at night and you are ready to handle it once and for all (and get some sleep!).
  • Your wants and aspirations are bigger than your fears.
  • You’re ready for more success and willing to do something about it. 
  • You’re ready to let go of old ways and embrace new possibilities.
  • You want to stop "getting ready" for success and actually have it … now.
This Is Not For You If…
  • Your fears and frustrations are bigger than your wants and aspirations.
  • You don’t have the will or desire to have more success.
  • Having financial success is a "nice to have" not a "must have"
  • You are disorganized and uncommitted.
  • You’re happy settling for less and living an average lifestyle.
  • You've got a shelf full of books and programs you've bought and this will be just one more add to the shelf-help section of your bookcase
  • If you think financially successful people are just lucky or born that way, that the lifestyle you dream about is for "others" and not you
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